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It was good getting to finally hang with you for more than 30 seconds for once slap! This was certainly a great show for me since it was my first time seeing Agalloch. I wish that they played more songs from Marrow of the Spirit, but I can understand why they wouldn't really want to. I talked to Don and Aesop after the show, both amazingly cool guys, especially Don. John Cobbett from Hammers of Misfortune and Ludicra was also there, but I got lazy and didn't feel like approaching him too. I also got to talk with Billy Anderson (engineer on a fuckton of albums that are awesome, like Dopesmoker and Through Silver in Blood, and dude just happened to be running sound all throughout this tour) for a bit, also a very, very nice guy-he offered to give me some detailed advice about some audio engineering shit and so far he's actually followed through and responded to the online contact I made hours after the show. You just don't find guys in the recording industry that are that cool, believe me I tried!
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