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System Of A Down were amazing like always, I was hesitating to go since I though the bill sucked balls except for them. But my son was dying to see SOAD again a quite frankly I knew that even thought I basically paid 2 X 90$ for us just for SOAD that would still be a bargain. I was right. They were really inspired and the crowd was nuts chanting on everything. Great show

I didn't know any other bands really and in my humble opinion they pretty much were all awful, especial Cannibal Corpse. From reading reviews on here, I know a lot of you guys dig them and I don't see any good reason why. Probably the worst music I ever heard.

My ranking of the bands I've seen:

Kataklysm: 5/10
Cannibal Corpse: 0/10
Killswitch Engage: 6.5/10
Deftones: 7/10
Five Finger Death Punch: 6.5/10
System Of A Down: 10/10

Cheers !
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