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Originally Posted by detuned View Post
i know its hard for someone like yourself to understand, but it is possible to be interested in such information for no other reason than to learn about the business side of things, with no care of using it to pose as some sort of hotshit insider

but you are right, i would get that info on theprp asap, as they obviously have such a long history of posting inside baseball level shit like that

though i wont lie, i mostly wanna see those numbers so i can laugh at you idiots even more for being so adamant about rammstein being a mayhem impossibility
Idiots? I'm sure several will appreciate your opinion along with your long standing music business expertise. But before you start throwing around your insults to us simpletons you may wish to check the front page of the thread you are posting in. On August 6th I posted an interview that was conducted with the guitarist of Rammstein where he stated the band would be playing Euro festivals all summer thus probably killing any chance of them being available to play Mayhem Festival 2013. Let me guess, you were too busy pimp rockin' to notice that small detail, right?

Furthermore, I've never claimed to be an industry insider. I just post info I get from ticket outlets, facebook, friends that are promoters, band members, managers, etc that practically ANYONE can do (Including yourself.). Most of the time my info is correct but sometimes it is not due to various reasons which are usually beyond my control. I nothing more than a messanger. And apparently I'm not the only one here who indulges in this type of activity:

I'm glad to know that now has two 'hotshit industry insiders'. I'm glad you share your knowledge with us fellow board members and 'idiots'. From here on out I want to encourage all board members to grab a chair - pull up, have a seat and take some notes when detuned makes a post. It's not everyday we are allowed to learn from such an all time great in the music business.
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