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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Not only that but AIC is the only band they listed that will be able to sell tickets. If that was the lineup three quaters of the audience would leave after them. I hope Rammstein does get the closing spot on mayhem next year. Just so all the people who harp about what a live draw they are here in the US can shut up when they realize nobody gives a shit they're headlining the tour.
They only draw in major markets (on their last tour, anyway)

Pollstar's biannual tour stats came out a few weeks ago for tours taking place between 1/1 & 6/30. Rammstein's average attendance for their "Made in Germany" North American tour was slightly under 5,000 people.

Saw them on 4/29 at the DCU Center in Worcester. There were well over 10,000 people there.
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