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Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post
I agree that this album does seem quite disjointed. I feel like Keene was trying too hard to be progressive and weird which is why there are so many random samples and sounds being tossed around. With that being said, I still think it's a pretty great record, and songs like Accelerated Evolution, The Eidolon Reality, and Deconsecrate (besides the weirdo circus music) are right up their with some of their best material. I also really like the Cynic vibe in some of the riffs and solos.

I feel like this album will continue to grow on me the more I listen to it, but it is in no way better than Planetary Duality.

EDIT: Does anyone else miss the spacey vibe of Planetary Duality? I thought they did that sound better than anyone and they pretty much ditched it on this album.
Yeah, I listened to it again today and I am really enjoying it, but it's not as good as Planetary Duality. There are a few songs I really love though. And while I do miss the spacey feel, I am glad they're leaving it behind. The new sound is unique and it helps set them apart from the sea of technical death metal bands oversaturating the scene right now. I just wish the album was more consistent.
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