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Iron Maiden -- Irvine, CA -- August 9th, 2012

Place was packed!!! Sound not so good in the first couple songs but was spot-on thereafter

1. Moonchild
2. Can I Play With Madness
3. The Prisoner
4. 2 Minutes to Midnight
5. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
6. The Trooper
7. The Number of the Beast
8. Phantom of the Opera
9. Run to the Hills
10. Wasted Years
11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
12. The Clairvoyant
13. Fear of the Dark
14. Iron Maiden
15. Aces High
16. The Evil That Men Do
17. Running Free

Was great to hear Prisoner & SSOASS live once again

Bruce quote of the night: Can I get a happy ending?....Scream for me Irvine!!!!
Iron Maiden 4/15/16

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