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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post

Ziggler is good in the ring but overall he's nothing special. His biggest talent is making his opponets look good which is why he should never be anything more than an IC or US champ. If you need someone different every now and then to challenge the world champ for a month and give him a good match and put the champ over strong, Ziggler's your guy. Other than that he has no character, his mic skills are average and his finisher is one of the weakest moves i've ever seen. Maybe this feud with Jericho will teach him to bring out his personality more because until that happens he's midcard for life. He also needs to get rid of the comedy act that is Vickie Guerrero and stand on his own if the WWE wants the fans to take him seriously as a world title threat. But at least he's not as boring as Cody Rhodes.
Great points here. WWE does have great wrestlers but they're pretty weak on the mic. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kid being other two big examples. Also Sheamus can put on good matches but damn is his character lame plus he looks goofy. Hopefully Wade Barret's return starts a good program and D-Bryan starts a better feud than Kane.