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Goatwhore closed with Apocalyptic Havoc, it wasn't the second song.

That concert was fucking great! I missed Exhumed but luckily I got there in time to see Goatwhore. I was psyched to hear them open with Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult, but nothing from the first two albums =

I chilled during JFAC/Veil/Periphery, then I was back on the floor for The Faceless. They sounded great as always but like most of the people there I was pissed that they had to cut a song. Oh well, at least BTBAM and Corpse could still play their full sets. Speaking of BTBAM, WOW! I hadn't seen them since they did the Progressive Nation tour back in '08, and I had forgotten how great they are live. It made me mad that I didn't go see them when they were touring for The Great Misdirect. But that doesn't matter because they were fucking great last night. White Walls and Sun of Nothing absolutely DESTROYED live. And of course, Cannibal Corpse... what else needs to be said? Sick as FUCK, like always. At first it was lame because I was stuck next to some 4 foot black chick and her friend who was desperately searching for his phone on the floor, which was annoying, but I helped him find it so all was well. As an added bonus, they left and I was standing right behind some short little blonde chick with shorts and a tank top pulled down so there was just bra showing. And she was headbanging and singing along too! So she wasn't just eye-candy, she knew her shit.

All in all it was a great night. Made me realize I need to go to more club shows.
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