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Overkill -- London, England -- August 9th, 2012

Converse Represent Presents Overkill
Venue: 100 Club
Support: Wet Nuns (19:00-19:25)

The Safety Fire (19:55-20:25)
Animal King
Floods of Colour
Circassian Beauties
Huge Hammers

Pulled Apart By Horses (21:00-21:30)
Back To The Fuck Yeah
Moonlit Talons
Wolf Hand
Yeah Buddy
Bromance Ain't Dead
High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive

Overkill (22:00-23:05)
Come And Get It
Bring Me The Night
Wrecking Crew
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From The Gutter
Save Yourself
Old School
In Union We Stand
Rotten To The Core
Fuck You

4/10 Annihilator
13/10 Wolf
27/10 Joanne Shaw Taylor
29/10 Carcass

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