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Summer Slaughter -- Charlotte, NC -- August 3rd, 2012

We couldnít find a set times schedule so after doing my band math we decided to arrive at the venue at 4:15p in hopes to catch Exhumedís set. We heard them just start playing as we were standing in line to get in. They were solid and got the crowd moving a bit. The highlight for me was some dude from their camp jumping in the crowd with a chainsaw and swinging it around. I was hoping heíd take out Job for a Cowboy but no such luck. I know they played:

Limb from Limb
As Hammer to Anvil
All guts No glory
The Matter of Splatter
In the Name of Gore
Distorted and Twisted to Form

Exhumed earned a solid 7 for getting the day started

Goatwhore was next and I was really looking forward to them. They did not disappoint! Sucks they only got 25 minutes but Goatwhore on a Friday afternoon at 5:00p with a cold beer in hand is an insane way to get your weekend started!!! They played:

Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
Apocalyptic Havoc
Collapse in Eternal Worth
An end to Nothing
Beyond the Spell on Discontent
In Deathless Tradition \m/
Judgement of the Bleeding Crown

I may be missing a song or two but Goatwhore was an 8.5 for me.

Job for a Cowboy was up next so we decided to go up stairs and take a break from the heat. I DO NOT understand why anyone likes this band! They just sound like horrible, sporadic noise and gave everyone I was with a migraine headache. They did however get a pretty good pit going.

I donít have a freaking clue what they played as it all sounded the same. Iíll give them a 3 just for all the bodies slamming against each other.....although I think everyone was just trying to run out in different directions at the same time and it happened to look brootal.

Veil of Maya played next and they were solid. This was my second time seeing them and in my opinion they sounded better the first time I caught em. There were vocal issues on a couple of the songs but other wise they sounded pretty tight. They played:

Dark Passenger
Itís not safe to Swim Today
Winter is Coming Soon
among other.......

Veil of Maya earned a 7.5 for a good but not great performance.

Up next was Periphery and they were another band I was really looking forward to. They got the crowd going pretty good and sounded great! I wish I could of selected the set list for them but they played a couple of my favorites although Letter Experiment, Racecar, Luck as a Constant or Mile Zero would have been nice. The set was:

Make Total Destroy
Facepalm Mute
Icarus Lives
The Walk

Periphery rocked and gets a 9 from me.

By this time we had sweated every once of beer consumed out the disgusting pores of our bodies. A break was much need so we headed back up stairs for another beer and some much needed rest. Iíve seen The Faceless countless times and have always been impressed but with all the member changes I wasnít sure what to expect. I could barely see the stage from where I was sitting but from what I heard I was rather impressed. Iím not sure of the complete set list but I did hear:

Coldly Calculated Design
An Autopsy
The Eidolon Reality

Hard to give The Faceless a fair grade but an 8 sounds about right.

Iím from North Carolina, the home state of Between the Buried and Me. Iíve seen them A LOT and they never disappoint. In fact, Iíve seen them so much that while happy for the occasion I wasnít super pumped. Well......color me a dumbass, they blew my freaking socks off!!!! This was easily the best BTBAM show Iíve ever attended. The crowd was going crazy, they had a killer light set-up and played fíing flawlessly. I was blown away and now canít wait for the new album. The set included:

White Walls
Specular Reflection
Sun of Nothing
Fossil Genera \m/

That shit was a perfect 10!!!!!

Cannibal Corpse was the other co-headliner but by this point everyone was a little worn out. We hung around for the first couple of jams then left. Not too long ago I caught them with Dying Fetus and had a great time. Iím sure they rocked but I really needed something to eat and a little A/C. All in all I had a really good time. Goatwhore, Periphery and Between the Buried and Me were the stand outs of this Summer Slaughter. Good times were had!
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