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Terror -- Worcester, MA -- August 7th, 2012

I went to see the Terror/Bane show last night, which had Naysayer, Rotting Out, and Goodbye Cruel World opening. I don't know a ton of songs by these bands, but based on things I have heard about them (particularly on here) I decided to check the show out. All I can say id that the show was awesome, and I had way more fun than I expected to.

Goodbye Cruel World started off the show, but I missed their set, so I'll start the review off with Rotting Out. This band is one of my favorite newer hardcore bands, and I will definitely be following their career. With that being said, I was bummed when i showed up and they only had about 7 minutes left in their set. From what I saw though, they sounded great on stage and the crowd seemed to be into them. They played "Laugh Now, Die Later" last, which is one of my favorite songs by them. I liked what I saw, and hope to catch a full set soon.

Naysayer was next, and they were the surprise of the night for me. i wasn't too familiar with them going into it, but I liked their music a lot. As soon as they started, a pretty big pit opened up. People were dancing their entire set, and the band seemed to be having a good time. I am definitely gonna have to check out some of their material now.

Terror came on after Naysayer. I figured Terror was coming on last, but was wondering if Bane would since Worcester is their hometown. I don't know if they were alternating the headlining spot or if this was just for this date (Does anyone else know?). Once the lights went down for Terror, a HUGE pit formed, and the crowd went off when the first notes kicked in. People were stagediving and moshing like crazy, and EVERYONE in the room seemed to know the lyrics. The place was packed at this point, and the pit took up more than half the room. The singer did a few speeches about how this tour was a true hardcore package, how important coming out to shows were, how much hardcore meant to him, and how everyone there was there for the same thing and we are all family. I like when hardcore bands try to send a positive message in their music, despite how angry and negative the music may seem. Some people were stagediving off the top of the speakers and getting thrown out, it was NUTS! I have been to a lot of shows at the Palladium, but this was definitely one of the craziest. I don't know all of the songs they played, but I know they played "Stick Tight," "Spit My Rage," "You're Caught," and "Always the Hard Way." Also, they probably played for about 40 minutes. Overall, an incredible performance by Terror, and I am glad I got to witness it.

Bane closed out the show. Some people definitely left after Terror, maybe because Bane plays here fairly often and just played New England Metal Fest in April. I stuck around because I saw Bane at NEMHF and loved their show, so I was looking forward to seeing them again. Although some people left, plenty stayed, and the crowd was still very enthusiastic. As soon as they started, people were screaming the lyrics and stagediving left and right. The crowd was way crazier for bane this show than last time I saw them. I love seeing local touring bands play in their hometowns, as the shows just feel a little bit more special. This was definitely one to remember. The band had a ton of energy onstage, and it was obvious there was no other place they'd rather be than on that stage. The singer talked about how all the bands on the tour were keeping hardcore alive, and thanked Terror for letting bane tour with them. He truly seemed like he had a ton of respect for Terror, and it was obvious how much hardcore music meant to him. I love seeing bands that truly seem passionate about their music, and there is no question that is the case with this band. All of the bands seemed to have a true passion for the music, which makes me happier to support them. He also talked about being able to face struggles and stand up for what you believe in, which hit me as these are things I can struggle with. Back to the music aspect of the show, bane sounded flawless and the songs came across great live. They had some issues with the mics, but that didn't take away from the show at all. the band was full of energy onstage, and the crowd and band seemed to feed off each other's energy. Once again, not sure on setlists, but i know they played "As the World Turns" and "Can We Start Again," which they closed the show out with. When they kicked into that, AT LEAST 20 people jumped onstage to sing along, and that stage is not that big. I could just feel the passion for the music and the scene in the room. One of the best endings to a show I've seen in a while, and I am so glad I got to see this show.
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