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Trespass America -- Cleveland, OH -- August 5th, 2012

My girlfriend and I couldn't find a schedule for times for this show anywhere, other than the time it started. Even though I honestly only went for five finger death punch, Killswitch Engage, and Trivium.

We got there in the middle of Battlecross's set. I didn't hear much but I wasn't impressed with what I heard. 1/10

Next up was God forbid. I'd honestly not heard any of their music before and they weren't too bad. There were a couple songs I liked. Ironically they were the two songs I also caught titles for Overcome and Equalibrium both off their new album. 4/10

Next up was Emure. This might have been one of the most painful half hours of my life. I'd never heard an Emure song before but holy fuck christ they were horrible. I've heard a lot of music I didn't like before but I've rarely heard music that I had to turn to someone and go is this actually music? There was a point after about 25 minutes of seemingly endless breakdowns that I turned to my girlfriend and said holy fuck this band can only play 1 note. Hell you can play 6 different notes on the guitar without even trying or knowing shit about guitars. Also I got a little tired of the singer pretending to be tough. My girlfriend couldn't believe the singer didn't pass out he was wearing a jacket in 90 degree weather. 0/10

Next up were pop Eval. I know like one of their songs and they didn't even play the one I know. They honestly were better than I thought they'd be. My only question is how did this band honestly get on this tour, they were clearly a rock band in the middle of a metal show. Was this someone's idea of a joke? Shouldn't these guys be touring with Hinder or something? 5/10

Next was trivium. I saw them 2 months ago at rock on the range and they were good then but I didn't get to see anything off shogun, their best album IMO. Again this time I didn't get to see down from the sky, which I wanted to see, but they played torn between Scylla and Charybdis, one of my favorite songs on the album instead so it worked out. Trivium, please just stop playing In Waves, its getting old already. Also Stop yelling at the crowd Matt for not being into you enough, why don't you try to be more interesting or get them pumped up in other ways than trying to shame them into moshing for you. I really did enjoy their show though. 7/10

Capsizing the Sea intro
In Waves
Pull Harder on the strings of your Martre
Caustic are the ties that bind
Torn between Scylla and Charybdis
Throws of Perdition
Leaving this world behind outro

And now it was time for Killswitch engage. I saw them with Howard at Rock on the Range a couple years ago and really enjoyed them, this would be my first time seeing them with Jessy. I was never as big a fan of him as Howard, especially his screams on record. That being said I'm really glad he rejoined the band rather than someone else entirely. They ripped through a set filled with a lot of songs I would have expected, but a few I hadn't seen before that I really wanted to see. They had a lot less crowd interaction than I'd expected from videos of previous concerts I'd sceen. However the crowd seemed to enjoy them definitely the most of anyone we'd seen up to this point. My only complaint was Jessy's mic was too low in the mix, he sounded really really good when I could hear him, but there were a lot of times I couldn't hear him very well, and I was right next to the sound booth. The band plays really well together, they're very tight. They played one new song which I enjoyed, which gives me hope the new material will be good from them whenever the album comes out. 8/10

Killswitch Engage
Rose of Sharyn
Fixation on the Darkness
No End in Sight
This is Absolution
A Bid Farewell
Life to Lifeless
My Last Serenade
End of Heart Ache
My Curse
Holy Diver

Finally Five Finger Death Punch came out. Give me shit if you like, but this is one of my favorite bands, I think the musicianship is excelent and I love Ivan's voice, I also think Ivan is a great frontman and of all the ones I saw sunday was the only one to really get a decen crowd reaction. The three times I've seen them they've sounded good and I've really enjoyed their shows. I can't speak to what some of their fans are like and frankly don't care. I saw them too in May and enjoyed them as much if not more now. I got to see two more songs I hadn't seen before which was cool. I thought coming down translated really well live, and war is the answer was ok. They had to cut one song from our set which pissed me off because Ivan got into a fight with security for throwing kids out who violated the no crowd Surfing rule. I know I've seen no one gets left behind before but it still blows that I didn't get to see it because they had to cut it. I understand having things you want to stand up for but calling out security enough so you get asked to leave is just a little stupid. That's the only reason I won't give them 10/10 because they cut the set short. 9.5/10

Five Finger Death Punch
Under and Over it
Burn it Down
American Capitalist
Hard to See
Coming Down
Crossing over tease (if the crowd goes nuts when you play a tease shouldn't you just play the song?)
bad company
White Nuckles
Drum Solo
Never enough
War is the Answer
Remember everything (Acoustic)
The Bleeding

too short for a headlining set.

The show ran from 5 to 11. We looked at Merch but shirts were $35 and I was like really? and refused to pay the price of admission for a shirt even though I collect tour shirts, I'm thinking about displaying them someday when I get my own house.

Overall it was a fun evening, despite the heat it was like 90 and Humid with almost no breaze up until about 9 or 10 and then it started to cool off. I am definitely glad I went, my girlfriend and I almost always have fun together and both love music so it made it even better. It was worth the price of admission even though the sound the entire night blew. It was great the last two times I saw concerts there, but I saw staind and seether which have very different sounds from the bands sunday, but still you think they could have done something to fix the sound even just a little so the vocalists wouldn't get so lost in the mix.
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