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Originally Posted by Coma323 View Post
I'm pretty sure the deal was that Tool only played Ozzfest if the Melvins were allowed to also tour on it.
yeah it was something like that. and ozzfest was at the very end of the aenima tour cycle, i.e. their rise to power so to speak, and not coincidentally the last time they had to resort to supporting anyone or playing with awful bands (not counting one off destination festivals). if somehow hell froze over and tool did headline a festival tour like mayhem, you best bet they would insist on curating most, if not all of it.

but once again, never gonna happen. they can pack all the same venues (some cases even bigger) mayhem can on their own, at comparable or higher ticket prices, so why on earth would they cut in an energy drink sponsored festival tour brand and 10-15 other bands. if anything they could just start their own festival.

and i realize this is probably the logic behind thinking rammstein is just as unlikely, but the difference being tool has the 14 year track record of doing that consistently tour after tour, whereas rammstein only has a single comparable level north america tour under their belts, which im thinking was largely dependent on them not touring here for 9 years and just the spectacle/hype factor. whos to say yet that they can continue at that level on a regular basis and that people will continue to come out.

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