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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Watched Raw live on TV for the first time in ages and was surprised. D-Bryan hanging with Cena was a nice, granted Cena is still the same ol' piece of shit. Still a good amount of wrestling and story development, I was shocked.
Yeah, now that Raw is three hours they're actually giving matches more time now. It's only a few weeks into the three hour shows so I expect Vince to fuck things up eventually when they have a good thing going, he's been very good with that over the last decade.

Raw is the perfect show to watch on DVR today. They waste half of the show on pointless recaps and social media garbage, it's nice to fast forward by all that crap and get the show done in about an hour. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Jericho are the only guys worth watching anyways.