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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
I know plenty of people who really like both bands alot.

A7X has heavier shit than you think. You must be thinking that Afterlife is as heavy as they get or some shit. Those first 2 albums are much heavier than Godsmack/Disturbed/FFDP/Manson.

And lets not forget Godsmack is playing Uproar, and they played Mayhem last year. Disturbed has also played both. I can see it being this next year. A7X/Manson or Tool/A7X.
I was an A7X fan back in the era before City of Evil was made. I'm not as big of a fan now. Godsmack/Disturbed blur the lines between heavy metal & hard rock. I think A7X is more hard rock, especially since 2008. Not saying they don't have some metal songs or metal moments. They won't play much from their heavier albums in a one hour set. I think A7X & 5FDP will headline Uproar next summer. Unless SoaD, Korn and Rob Zombie each turn down a headlinng slot on Mayhem Fest.

Also I think Tool is a long shot. I hear they ask for more $ than SoaD and that Maynard hates playing on touring festivals like Ozzfest, the old Lollapalooza tours, etc.
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