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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Regardless of the death threats I don't see Rammstein willing to play a stripped down show just for Mayhem Fest. I have yet to see them live but their stage production interests me as much as, if not more than their music. A stripped down Rammstein set (all Mayhem could afford) would likely make the tour lose walk in/last minute ticket sales once word got out after the first few shows.
I agree completely, all six members have said in separate interviews that they refuse to play anywhere unless they can bring the full stage show (including the US). Not to mention how much the whole show would cost should John Reese magically figure out a way to put on the whole stage show. A German magazine interviewed one of Rammstein's roadies and he said for each US tour date they have to bring their own generators because with as much power as they use it would shut down half of an entire city just for Rammstein to play a concert. Of course this would cost an insane amount of money that John Reese just can't afford.
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