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Originally Posted by stylesclash516 View Post
For those that still think there is a chance of Rammstein playing Mayhem Festival, in 2010 Rammstein agreed to play a Summer festival in the Netherlands called Pinkpop. The cost for Rammstein to play that festival was 1.5 million Euros, equaling 1.85 million dollars. That is around how much it would cost per date for Rammstein to play Mayhem Festival. The band has also gone on record saying they refuse to play various South Eastern states (some of which Mayhem Festival goes to) because of how much protest they get and when they played said states in 2001 they even received death threats.
Regardless of the death threats I don't see Rammstein willing to play a stripped down show just for Mayhem Fest. I have yet to see them live but their stage production interests me as much as, if not more than their music. A stripped down Rammstein set (all Mayhem could afford) would likely make the tour lose walk in/last minute ticket sales once word got out after the first few shows.
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