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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
They should be. They're playing Wacken.

inb4 someone reminds me that Trivium skipped two dates in 2011 to play Wacken. They weren't the headliners for the tour therefore they could afford to drop off a few dates.
I do not think they will play. Its not impossible though. I recall in 2004 Judas Priest reunited with Halford and was signed for every big Euro festival then cancelled them all for Ozzfest. In that reunion tour I think Priest was in huge demand. I don't think Rammstein would do as well in some of the mid west or southern states without Mayhem Fest but overall they don't need Mayhem Fest near as much as Mayhem Fest needs Rammstein.

I believe (just a guess) that the top choices for the Mayhem Fest organizers pick as main headliner will be SoaD, Alice In Chains, Korn then Rob Zombie.

The seconday headliners would likely be Deftones, 5FDP, LoG, KsE.

The one thing I gathered from the interview with Reese is that they are looking for bands with some commercial appeal that yet to play the fest.
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