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Warped Tour -- St. Petersburg, FL -- July 29th, 2012

This show was a week ago but i never got around to putting it on here, so here you are.
The Ghost Inside - First band of the day and they brought it, these guys had the best pits of the bands i saw, had great energy, I definitely recommend checking them out. - 8/10

Rise To Remain, up until 48 hours ago i had never listened to this band, but now i consider myself a fan, the guitarist was incredible, watching his fingers go up and down the entire neck of his guitar as fast as he was was awesome, and also vocalist Austin Dickinson (whose dad is Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson) has a great voice, one of the better newer bands. - 7/10

Polar Bear Club - I've been a fan of this band longer than any of the other 60+ bands on this festival and they did not disappoint, the sound, musicianship, and overall performance was incredible, the singer personally thanked the crowd for watching after every song, he seems really humble and that he loves what he does, I will definitely have to see them again some day. - 8.5/10

Senses Fail - This band is hit or miss, half of their material is great, the other half....not so much, but they definitely exceeded my expectations, not the best band of the day but an overall solid performance, i loved that they played Shark Attack. - 6.5/10

New Found Glory - This band had the best crowd reaction of the day, everyone went insane for them, unfortunately i didn't find their performance to be that great, they sounded very good but didn't put much effort into their performance, but still definitely worth seeing at least once. - 6.5/10

Streetlight Manifesto - The main reason i was there, I had seen this band twice before but they were from a distance, this time i was on the rail in dead center, they are by FAR the best band on this festival, their sound, set, performance, musicianship, everything was completely flawless, their horns players were hilarious, if you like Ska then definitely check them out. - 10/10

Taking Back Sunday - Good band, good performance, but i wasn't blown away, i wouldn't go see them on their own tour but I am glad i could see them on a festival once. - 6/10 (I only give it a 6 because the singer sounded great)

Blessthefall - This band bored me so much i left after 3 songs, don't plan on seeing them again. - 2/10 (only a 2 because the drummer was great)

Miss May I - watched half the set from a distance while waiting on another band, not impressed, I cannot for the life of me see what's so special about this band. - 2/10

We left right before All Time Low went on, disappointed we couldn't stay to see Every Time I Die and After The Burial, but I'm still glad i got to go at all.
Stuff i got.

The Ghost Inside setlist (caught 2, gave one to a friend)

Polar Bear Club's "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" on vinyl (signed by vocalist Jimmy Stadt, they also gave me the CD version for free)

Rise To Remain sticker
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