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Mayhem Fest -- Scranton, PA -- August 4th, 2012

I only watched Motörhead and Slayer. Never been a huge Anthrax fan (except the first record). This was my first time seeing Motörhead...and I was impressed as I knew I would be. Was funny...Phil mistakenly said "Hello Cambridge" insted of "Scranton" which he corrected after the next to which Lemmy replied "HELLO CLEVELAND!!!" They were loud as hell, but would of been even louder if it was an indoor venue.

Damage Case
I Know How to Die
Stay Clean
Over the Top
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
The One to Sing the Blues (w/ long drum solo)
Going to Brazil
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades
(for some reason they dropped "Overkill")

Slayer.....was TERRIBLE!!! And this is coming from a life long Slayer fan. Tom's voice is shot to hell....and although Gary Holt is a great guitarist, Jeff was noticeably missed!!!! I've seen Slayer six times and this was the WORST they've ever sounded!! I don't know if it was an off night, but GODDAMN!!!!!!!

Darkness of Christ (Intro)
War Ensemble
Die by the Sword
Hate Worldwide
Mandatory Suicide
Altar of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Seasons in the Abyss
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Angel of Death


South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Ave Azarate! 218
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