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Happy birthday, darling. We love you very very very very very very much
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Amon Amarth
War of the Gods
Runes to My Memory
Destroyer of the Universe
Death in Fire
Live for the Kill
Cry of the Black Birds
The Fate of Norns
The Pursuit of Vikings
For Victory or Death
Victorious March

Twilight of the Thunder God
Guardians of Asgaard

Cradle of Filth
Humana Inspired to Nightmare
Heaven Torn Asunder
Honey and Sulphur
Gilded Cunt
Lilith Immaculate
Nymphetamine (Fix)
Her Ghost in the Fog
Ebony Dressed for Sunset
The Forest Whispers My Name
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
From the Cradle to Enslave

Sting in the Tail
Make It Real
Is There Anybody There?
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Loving You Sunday Morning
Rhythm of Love
Wind of Change
Raised on Rock
Tease Me Please Me
Kottak Attack
Six String Sting
Big City Nights

Coming Home
Still Loving You
Rock You Like a Hurricane

Rise Up
The New Order
The Preacher
Native Blood
True American Hate
More Than Meets the Eye
Dark Roots of Earth
Into the Pit
Practice What You Preach
Over the Wall
D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
3 Days in Darkness
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines
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