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Sweet review man! I was gonna write a review but since you did such a detailed one I'll just write a quick overview of my time at the show.

I got to the Comcast Center around 4:40. I planned on seeing As I Lay Dying, but we ended up leaving later than expected, so they were ending by the time we got in. I've seen them before though, so it wasn't a big deal. The first band up for us was Anthrax. We missed the first couple songs waiting in line for the ATM and beer, but from what we saw they were awesome. They had a lot of energy on stage, and Joey sounded great. The crowd response was really impressive too. I got a free Rockstar during their set and felt the need to chug it in two sips, which felt great at the time but I started to crash a little later on lol. Had to counter the crash with a Red Bull.
We got water after Anthrax and chilled out looking at all the merch and stuff before heading over for Motorhead. We had pit tickets so we were so excited! This was my third time seeing them and they did not disappoint! Although they don't really move on stage at all, their music speaks for itself. Lemmy is one of the ultimate badasses in rock, everything he does is awesome. I started laughing at one point because they stopped to take a drink and everyone started cheering, even that is badass when Motorhead does it. They sounded great and I enjoyed the set a lot.
Next was Slayer! This was my first time seeing them (not sure how its taken me so long) and they were just as incredible as I could have expected. The stage setup was perfect, with the inverted crosses and flames, I especially liked the flaming Slayer logo hanging in the center. They were a serious assault on the ears, but it was definitely worth it. The crowd ate up the performance. I spent most of the set headbanging near the pit, and decided to jump in for the last few songs. The whole set was super intense and I loved every minute of it, definitely my favorite performance of the day. Song highlights included "Disciple," "Jesus Saves," and of course "Raining Blood," but I really can't single out songs as they were all awesome!
Last up was Slipknot. They are one of my friends favorite bands, so he was pumped to see them. For me, I just wasn't overly impressed. Not to sound elitist, cause I like plenty of mainstream popular stuff, but I just don't really care to hear Slipknot's music anymore. I was never a huge fan to begin with anyway, so I'm not turning my back on them or anything. With that being said, the stage setup was crazy with tons of flames and loud cracks. The raised drums were pretty cool too. The band had a ton of energy on stage as well. people were going nuts for them the entire set. The band sounded good, and a couple times Sid Wilson jumped into the crowd, which was pretty cool. Overall, had a great time at Mayhem this year.
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