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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I'm not complaining about those set staples, it's other choices that bother me. In Union We Stand is one of the weakest songs from Taking Over, and not playing either Wrecking Crew or Deny the Cross is lame. Also notice there is nothing from Horrorscope in there. Lastly, they need to cut both Old School and It Lives. I don't think many people care about those songs anyway.
I don't like ignoring Horrorscope either, it's the second best thrash album ever recorded, but honestly the band has a lot of material to choose from, and a lot of GOOD material to choose from, so I'm OK with it. As for It Lives, it's a good song on a bad album -- absolutely nothing wrong with playing that one. And you say not playing Wrecking Crew or Deny the Cross is lame? Why? How is it any more lame than not playing Elimination or Hello From the Gutter?
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