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Terror -- Chicago, IL -- August 2nd, 2012

Terror -- Chicago, IL -- August 2nd, 2012

Venue : Bottomlounge

Tour : Terror World Tour 2012

Lineup :

Rotting Out

Well I just have to get this out of the way first off, this show was awesome and beyond crazy.

Now Rotting Out started the show off at 6:30PM and while the venue had maybe 70 people they made it where some people were in the pit and jumping on each other to sing along. They put on a good show and the lead singer had a great amount of energy while also giving a few speeches about life, believing in what you like, and the hardcore scene. They also seemed to get a good response from the crowd for a opening band. The only downside was it was sometimes hard to understand the lead singer when he was giving speeches as he was so out of breath that almost every other word you heard a huge inhale of air through the mic. Also the band seemed to play for about 20 or so minutes. Other than that though they were a good way to kick off the show.

Next up was Naysayer and they were really the band to get some energy going from the crowd. Sound wise they remind me of Harm's Way with the deep sounding vocals and heavy sound. Again the band had great energy and gave the crowd a reason to give energy. This was the first time where not only did you have 20-30 people climbing on each other to scream into the mic but you also had 20 people going insane in the pit and making it seem like the venue was packed and alive. They were a good band with a different sound which made it a enjoyable watch.

After Naysayer was a long reigning hardcore band by the name of Bane. Now I had heard mix reviews about seeing Bane live but they blew me away. The mix of hardcore with melodic parts really went well and the crowd agreed as the singing for them sometimes was louder than the sound from the band. Also every guy in this band had insane energy. They were constantly jumping, flipping, dancing, and just moving around having a good time. You could tell they love what they were doing. In return for their energy the crowd gave them 100% with always running to sing along and have fun. Bane played around 40 minutes and gave a speech talking about how bands like Naysayer and Rotting Out are keeping the scene alive unlike the white suburban kids who think hardcore is trendy. Bane overall was a lot of fun to watch and I look forward to hopefully seeing them again soon.

Bane Set (thanks to for helping fix some of the order)

Count Me Out
Can We Start Again
Satan's Son
Some Came Running
What Keeps Us Here
Sunflowers and Sunsets
Swan Song
As the World Turns
My Therapy

Finally the legendary hardcore band Terror was up and you could just tell people were ready. What happened next though I don't think anyone expected. Now quickly for anyone that doesn't know the Bottomlounge has a strict no crowd surfing / no stage diving rule after someone broke their neck stage diving at a hardcore show there last year. Every show I've been to there since has enforced that rule strictly. Terror's intro music starts and the band comes out and what Scott Vogel said next will stick with me for a long as a memory. Scott steps dead center in the stage and says "Security told us to keep the stage diving to a minimal since someone broke their neck doing it at a hardcore show last year. That's their fault and that's a risk you take at a hardcore show so I need everyone to move up and watch each other. I don't need anyone getting hurt and no broken necks. Watch out for each other". The words he said next are everyone hardcore fans dream as the opening notes to Stick Tight start up and Scott yells "STAGE DIVE STAGE DIVE STAGE DIVE"! After that for the rest of the show you just had people constantly jumping, flipping, running, and doing whatever they want on stage. Scott was constantly pulling people up to stage dive and giving members of other bands, friends, and random members of the crowd the mic to sing along with. I ended up stage diving three times and the first one was a perfect flip off the stage which I did just based on what section had the most people to catch me. Scott really only took one time to really talk and that was mainly him asking if everyone was having fun, thanking us for coming out and singing along, then he commented on how this was the best turn out he thought they ever had at this venue. It was also entertaining during it since people were yelling out songs they wanted to hear and he gave the responses "hell no", "never heard of it" , "you wish" and just laughs at what people suggested. You could tell they were having a good time. At the end of the day it is clear why Terror is still one of the top hardcore bands not only based off their music but because of the insane live show and non stop energy the band gives. It was a show I won't forget and I look forward to seeing them the next time they roll into town.

Terror Setlist :

Stick Tight
One With the Underdogs
Out of My Face
Your Enemies Are Mine
Spit My Rage
You're Caught
Always the Hard Way
Life and Death
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Keepers of the Faith
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