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A Homemade Compilation/Mix Thread

Because of an upcoming surgery, I wanted to post the track list of a mix of songs I made to be played going under for surgery, during my surgery, and/or in recovery. I even burned a copy for my surgeon as a keepsake. I called it Heavy Metal Anastomosis.

Time What is Time, by Blind Guardian
I am Legend/Out for Blood, by Arch Enemy
Overkill, by Motorhead
Winter's Wolves, by The Sword
Kick The Chair, by Megadeth
Hate Worldwide, by Slayer
Pure Hatred, by Chimaira
Powersurge, by Overkill
Creeping Death, by Metallica
Esoteric Surgery, by Gojira
All Hope is Gone, by Slipknot
In The Court of General Zod, by Gama Bomb
K.I.N.G, by Satyricon
Crownless, by Nightwish
Anthem (We are the Fire), by Trivium
Victory Will Come, by Kreator
Beyond the Realms of Death, by Judas Priest

This is in the tradition of the last CD I made for my cancer surgery two years ago (and cancer free until my next scan). Details can be found here.

Regardless of your reason, post your homemade mix tracklistings, detailing as little or as much as to why you created it. I realize the playlist is way of things now; this is about the more finite restrictions of the 80 minute CD or the more antiquated 90 minute cassette tape.
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