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Iron Maiden -- Salt Lake City, UT -- August 1st, 2012

Same setlist as all the others. I was first introduced to Maiden in 1984 (yea I'm old) when a friend of mine got the Powerslave record but with no record player. I volunteered to record it on cassette for him and was rewarded for my generosity by hearing one of the best metal albums of all time, I made an extra copy for me and have been a Maiden fan ever since.

By the time I got old enough to go to concerts whenever I wanted, Maiden had released No Prayer for the Dying and I no longer wanted to see them. I have generally liked the post 2000 reunion albums but they never came anywhere near me on the subsequent tours.

Until two nights ago when they came to Salt Lake City (if you can call 340 miles away near me) for the first time in eons. Bruce was hilarious and commented on this as he mentioned "I see some things never change in Salt Lake City. The beer still sucks!" He got a lot of boos at this but it's the truth. Try getting drunk on 3.2% beer, it's damn near impossible! I could afford to laugh since I am not a Utah resident. There was plenty of weed at this concert and Bruce noticed and said something to the effect of people having to smoke weed since the beer is so weak and that he would rather have a drunk audience than a stoned audience but what did he know.

As to the concert itself, the Seventh Son material was done very well and all their stage theatrics were pretty cool. I got a serious nostalgia buzz when I saw the Eddie with the globe and fountain pen rise from the stage and remembered having a poster of that on my dorm room in college. Alas I had a couple of issues with the show. Afraid to Shoot Strangers and no Hallowed Be Thy Name?!? I was really looking forward to Hallowed as I thought they played it all the time and was very disappointed to not hear it. Also Adrian played the Wasted Years intro part a lot slower than it is on record but I guess age catches up to us all. Only one song from Somewhere in Time, one song from Piece of Mind and only two relatively short songs from Powerslave and no Hallowed added up to me not happy with the setlist.

I can cross Iron Maiden off the concert bucket list though and overall I had a good time, also saw a couple of old friends in the area while I was visiting so it was worth the drive. Did not get a shirt as $40 I think is far too high. I might have got one if there was any white shirts as this blazing hot summer has made me realize that I have about a million black metal shirts. With the heat, I wore my white Rush starman 1976 tour shirt to the show which seems to be the only white music shirt I have. With ten designs on sale, you would think one of them might be non-black but no, they were all black.
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