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2 spots left until we have 12 people. If more want to play, we can either try expanding the spots to 14 or 16 (though 12 is pretty much perfect for fantasy football) or we could make another league.

also: pre-season football starts in 8 days (holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit) (or on Sunday is the hall of fame game)

Pre-Season Game 1: Aug. 9-13
Pre-Season Game 2: Aug. 16-20
Pre-Season Game 3: Aug. 23-26
Pre-Season Game 4: Aug. 29-30

I was thinking maybe we could have the draft after Game 3 but before Game 4. Just need a good day for everyone. Maybe like a Wednesday afternoon/evening? The 29th? Or if that's too late, maybe the 22nd?
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