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Swashbuckle -- Detroit, MI -- August 1st, 2012

Tonight Swashbuckle pillaged and looted Blondies in Detroit on behalf of their Squawking For Vengeance Tour. Only about 12 people were there so there wasn't too much looting. But regardless of the turn out it was a great energetic cannonball excursion of thrash.

1. Raise Your Hooks
2. Peg-Leg Stomp
3. Back To The Noose
4. Attack!!!
5. I Hate The Sea And Everything In It
6. We Sunk Your Battleship
7. Poop Deck Toilet Wreck
8. Whirlpit
9. Powder Keg
10. Scurvy Back
11. Rounds of Rum
12. Walk The Plank
13. Cruise Ship Terror
14. Sharkbait
15. X Marks The Spot
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