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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Why not? Both Slayer and Megadeth have done that. If Rammstein somehow thinks that they are above that in anyway then the band has some serious issues.
I think part of the reason they would never open is cause their stage production is so huge, there's no way they could take everything down for another band to go on after. Although I'm not a fan of them, I know there are plenty of diehard fans and a lot of people will pay to see them.

On another note, i really don't want to speculate for next year, as I haven't even been to my date yet for this year haha. But, I would LOVE if Deftones were on there cause I am a big fan and still haven't seen them. Alice in Chains would be cool too, but I have seen them already so I wouldn't really push for them. But the lineup will have to be INSANE with a decent number of bands I havent seen but really want to for me to go, its just so expensive and I've kinda lost interest in summer amphitheater shows.
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