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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The reason Rammstein drew so well is because they never tour here so fans were eager to see them. There were probably many who went to more than one show as well. Slayer and Megadeth have toured here so much that the fans are not gonna have the same kind of enthusiasm when it comes to seeing them. Get Rammstein to tour here as often as Megadeth and Slayer do and the will probably draw around the same those two do on their own. Also, if Megadeth and Slayer only toured here once ever ten years like Rammstein, they would both be able to fill arenas on their own. Rammstein isn't really that popular, it's just the rarity of them touring here that is getting them to fill arenas.
Rammstein actually did a 9 date tour in 2011 then came back in 2012 to do 21 more dates. So the 2012 tour wasn't their first in ten years, plus if you want to be technical there was the 3 date tour in 2010 which spanned from the US and Canada. I would also argue that it's not just the "rarity" of seeing them that fills up arenas. Manowar haven't done a full tour of the US in years but that doesn't mean they can fill arenas all of a sudden. Lastly, I would also argue that Rammstein is actually popular considering in South America (Mexico as well) & Europe they sellout the same venues that the entire Big 4 does, sometimes multiple nights in one stadium.
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