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Originally Posted by stylesclash516 View Post
With all due respect to Megadeth & Slayer, Rammstein drew more people alone than Megadeth & Slayer did on their tour together. Rammstein's latest US tour was 21 dates and all of them were arena shows that sold very well. Besides, the Mayhem Festival organizers have tried to get Rammstein on the bill since 2009 but can't afford to pay for 36 semi-trucks and 6 buses to travel to 30 dates.
The reason Rammstein drew so well is because they never tour here so fans were eager to see them. There were probably many who went to more than one show as well. Slayer and Megadeth have toured here so much that the fans are not gonna have the same kind of enthusiasm when it comes to seeing them. Get Rammstein to tour here as often as Megadeth and Slayer do and the will probably draw around the same those two do on their own. Also, if Megadeth and Slayer only toured here once ever ten years like Rammstein, they would both be able to fill arenas on their own. Rammstein isn't really that popular, it's just the rariety of them touring here that is getting them to fill arenas.
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