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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Why not? Both Slayer and Megadeth have done that. If Rammstein somehow thinks that they are above that in anyway then the band has some serious issues. If you think that lineup would be able to fill up the venues mayhem plays every year you're kidding yourself. Rammstein just isn't that popular or that big of a draw. Sure, they've filled some arenas in north america recently but that's just because fans are traveling to see them since it so rare that they tour here. You're not gonna get all those people to follow them on the 30 something dates mayhem does over the summer.
With all due respect to Megadeth & Slayer, Rammstein drew more people alone than Megadeth & Slayer did on their tour together. Rammstein's latest US tour was 21 dates and all of them were arena shows that sold very well. Besides, the Mayhem Festival organizers have tried to get Rammstein on the bill since 2009 but can't afford to pay for 36 semi-trucks and 6 buses to travel to 30 dates.

Oh any by the way, arguing that Rammstein is on Mayhem Fest 2013 is pointless anyway since the band themselves have confirmed they are touring Europe in the Summer of 2013.
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