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Memento- Nothing Sacred
U.P.O.- Godless
Kenny Wayne Shepherd- Blue on Black
Baroness- March to the Sea
Oceansize- SuperImposer
The End- Throwing Stones
Judgement Day- Cobra Strike
Horse The Band- Murder
Deadlock- Virus Jones
Kylesa- Scapegoat
In This Moment- Daddy's Falling Angel
Haunted Shores- When In Oslo
Metal Church- Metal Church
Atheist- Mother Man
Death- 1,000 Eyes
Deretla- New Face Of God
*Deretla Interview*
Deretla- Time Child
Death Angel- Carnival Justice
Cynic- Veil Of Maya
GWAR- Metal Metal Land
Gojira- Global Warming
Nile- Cast Down The Heretic
Enslaved- The Watcher
Ghost Brigade- Soulcarvers
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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