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Arrow Twisted Sister -- Long Island, NY -- July 17th, 2005

Yeah, I could have gone to Ozzfest in Hartford, but my feelings for Ozzfest have changed somewhat since Paul Dickinson's last interview. Instead, I chose to attend what turned out to be a really nice show. I had a lawn seat at what they call the Brookhaven Amphitheater.

Dee Snider's sons band was up first. Their name is Blazed. I don't like them at all, but whatever, I dealt with it for 20 something minutes. I discovered afterwards my old college buddy was in the band, so he came over and found me after the set and we talked for a little.

Metal Church was up next. They played for around 35 minutes. Some of the songs they played were 'Battalions', 'Metal Church', 'Ton Of Bricks', 'Watch The Children Pray', and 'Leave Them Behind'.

Ok, Stephen Pearcy was next. He was one main reason why I came. I really like him. He opened up with some new song that no one knew, and then played Ratt songs for the rest of the show. He played 'Wanted Man', 'I'm Insane', 'You Think You're Tough', 'Lack Of Communication' 'Back For More', 'Lay It Down', 'You're In Love', 'Body Talk', and finally of course, 'Round And Round'. The trouble was, he can't sing anymore! He sounded pretty bad as he couldn't hit any notes. I was majorly disappointed as the singing was lacking but now I am just glad I finally got to see him play.

L.A. Guns were next. They were a bit of a blur to me. I saw them a few years ago and they were amazing. Heavy as shit, but I don't know what happened. I lost interest fast. Some songs they played were 'Sex Action', 'Electric Gypsy', 'No Mercy', 'Vampire', and probably a lot more, I just can't remember.

W.A.S.P. was up next. They are the headliners of the American Metal Blast Tour this year, but they got a bit shorter set tonight as TS was headlining. W.A.S.P. was really good as usual. Some songs they played were 'Wild Child', 'Inside The Electric Circus', 'Animal (F*** Like A Beast)', 'The Idol', 'I Wanna Be Somebody', 'L.O.V.E. Machine', and probably more, I just can't remember.

Twisted Sister closed out the show. Dee Snider has still got energy like you wouldn't believe. He said it was their last Long Island show ever. These guys want to get on with their lives and I understand that, I wish more 80's bands would do the same. Some songs they played were 'Stay Hungry', 'We're Not Gonna Take It', 'Burn In Hell', 'Captain Howdy', 'I Wanna Rock', 'The Price', 'S.M.F.', 'Fire Still Burns', 'You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll', 'Kids Are Back', 'Shoot 'Em Down', 'It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)', and a couple others I think.

The show was really good and a much better all day affair than Ozzfest could dream of being. It was relaxed, it was pleasant, it was peaceful, and the headliner got more than 10 songs. . In protest of Ozzfest, I'm off to the water park next weekend.
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