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Downtown Summer Party -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 28th, 2012

all day thing in downtown LA at the Down And Out and Coronado's a few doors down.

I saw, in order


The Long Holidays
Johnny Two Bags
Charlie Overbey
Zander Schloss

Down And Out:

Kind Hearts And Coronets
Bobby Jealousy
Dark Furs


Emily Oman

Down And Out:

Jared James Nichols


01. Last Drive
02. I'm Your Man
03. Homesick Blues
04. Drink, Smoke
05. Railroad Man
06. Downtown
07. Big Red Rooster
08. Bent
09. Coal Mine
10. Walking In The Woods
11. Blood Red

THE WALBURDS (not bad but putting them in this slot killed my energy)

(Kevin was injured, played guitar leaning on a crutch)

01. Let The Games Begin
02. Lady Strange
03. Tryin'
04. Feral Children
05. Puta Te Amo
06. Bless This Mess
07. Soul Stripper
08. Demoted
09. I Don't Want You To Love Me

most of THE LEXINGTONS before heading home
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