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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
well respect to him, he's been through a lot latelly...

I would love from him to come here do a little canadian tour , I would go in a heartbeat, love all his solo stuff and those 2 Maiden albums are great but if he do it accoustic, I'd be devastated, wtf ?? I want to rock my head off on those crazy songs not sleep over them on an accoustic version, I wouldn't go... anymay maybe that's me

Cheers !
People who say acoustic versions are boring should be slapped Compared to the crowds going nuts over them here, yeah, it's just you. And probably fonzy... hey, maybe you should be gig buddies!

I totally get that if you've never seen him then you should see him do metal first though. When he next comes to NA it will be a metal tour. But here, we've all seen him do metal shows a fuck-ton of times. Then he busts this out and blows all the metal shows away in the space of a week. Stone cold win.

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