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Originally Posted by cradle_of_maiden View Post
1.I Remember Now
3.Revolution Calling
4.Operation: Mindcrime
6.Spreading the Disease
7.The Mission
8.Suite Sister Mary
9.The Needle Lies
10.Electric Requiem
11.Breaking the Silence
12.I Don't Believe in Love
13.Waiting for 22
14.My Empty Room
15.Eyes of a Stranger

Recent setlist when Geoff was the singer, just saying. He wasn't bad and fopr all the people complaining about the lack of old material with Geoff, didn't they recently do a tour where they played the entire Empire and Rage for Order albums?
You just copied the tracklisting for Operation Mindcrime, an album that the band played to utter death in the last few years... They did a tour where they played a bunch of songs from Empire and Rage for Order, but they didn't play them in their entirety. The band later played Rage in its entirety at a one-off gig in New York. Geoff later said that he really didn't like doing that show and thought that the album hadn't aged well or something.

The complaint that they weren't playing enough old material really best applies to the Cabaret tour, where they played a ton of really crappy songs. The recent 30th Anniversary tour they did had a pretty neat setlist, but Geoff was completely butchering the songs and there was nothing really out of the ordinary or special about the setlist other than it covering the band's whole career.

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