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Mayhem Festival -- Camden, NJ -- July 27th, 2012

Got to the parking lot around 2:30 with my buddy and cracked open a few beers before heading over to another lot to locate our other concert friends and knock back a couple more. Went inside around 4pm to catch As I Lay Dying play their 4:30 set. I’ve followed this band since 2003 and enjoy a majority of their work but found myself tired of them by the time their last album “The Powerless Rise” was released. Seeing them live again however seemed to have re-sparked my interest in them as they were very good live and had the crowd moving around quite a bit. I’ll be checking out the last album again as I think I didn’t give it a far shot being I was so burnt out on them and hope to catch them headline a small club tour.

Anthrax was up next and I wasn’t impressed with their song selection. I’m probably in the minority here but I would have loved to hear a couple more songs off of “Worship Music”. The performance itself wasn’t bad I just wish they would diversify their set list more than they do.

Then it was time to move over to the main stage so I headed over with a couple of my buddies to check out the merch and grab some food because we had zero interest in checking out Asking Alexandria. I’ve heard bits and pieces of their music and it does nothing for me but from what we heard the crowd seemed to dig them, to each their own I suppose. I grabbed an overpriced 24 oz. Miller Light and headed in to see Lemmy and the gang. I saw about half of Motorhead’s set back in 2008 (at the same venue) with Judas Priest, Testament, and Heaven and Hell but that was from the lawn and I was more concerned with grabbing beers than I was watching them. This time I gave them my full attention and had a general admission pit (which at this point in the day was pretty empty) ticket and really enjoyed myself. Hearing “Going to Brazil” and “Stay clean” were highlights for me.

Next up was the mighty Slayer, this was my 5th (and best) time seeing them live. They absolutely killed; the song selection, their energy, the fire that set off throughout the brutal set was all amazing. They were just relentless and the crowd ate it up. After their set we all grabbed some merch (I got a Slayer t-shirt, $30.00) additional beers, and shots of Jager in honor of Slayer.

Slipknot closed the show…it sounds weird but I guess I’m just over them. I got on board with them right after their Ozzfest debut when one of my buddies brought their self titled album over to my parents place and played “Eyeless” for me. I remember at 17 years old relating to songs like “Surfacing” for its rebellious chorus but at 29 ½ years old I just can’t sit there and keep a straight face when I hear “if your 5 5 5 I’m 6 6 6!”. I guess part of me is growing up (to a point) musically and seeing these grown men in jump suits acting as if the world is against them just isn’t my thing anymore. Don’t get me wrong seeing “Gently” live was awesome, maybe I’d just prefer a set with less hits and hear stuff they rarely play live (scissors, purity, skin ticket, Iowa, etc) whatever it is I just know I don’t enjoy them like I used to. To me, even before going in to this festival I knew I was more excited for Slayer than I was Slipknot. I’ve attended every Mayhem fest so far and think I enjoyed this one the most. Set lists were the same as other dates so I didn’t bother to post, sorry if this was long winded.
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