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Premier League followers!

Every year I do a mini-league in the Official Premier League Fantasy Football.

If you want to enter a team, PM me and I'll hook you up with the code to join.

Basically you get 100m to buy a two keepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. You can make substitutions between your starting 11 and bench before each week's round of matches, one free transfer per week (4 points per additional transfer), two wildcards to play per season to get unlimited transfers for one week (the second one is only available during the January transfer window), and points are scored for the usual things like goals, assists, clean sheets etc. Double for the nominated captain (which you can change every week, and can also nominate a vice captain in case your captain doesn't play), and one or two position-specific things like saves for goalkeepers etc.

Butcher of Birth already has... and he clearly needs beating

7/5 Bryan Adams
8/5 Corey Taylor
12/5 Gov't Mule
25/5 Zakk Wylde
28/8 Zakk Wylde

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