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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Yeah, everything's going well now. My wife and I were talking about it the other day, and we almost can't believe that we were originally supposed to have twins... she'd be huge already and probably off work by now, and I'd be stressing like crazy. I'm still stressed, but it's at a pretty low level lol... I think since it's our first pregnancy/child just having the one is a little more, I dunno, normal.
Yeah, man - I feel you. Twins on your first time out of the gates would be a bit brutal. Satisfying to be sure, but it would be hard. It's probably gonna be easier for us to an extent because we're already experienced parents, but I can tell you already that having twins is a challenge. Also, to your comment about mom being off work, my wife has been off for several weeks now (almost two months, maybe?), and we're definitely feeling the pinch financially. She won't be going back anytime soon, either, because as I said, twins are challenging. We still don't know exactly what the daily plan is going to be yet.

Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
BTW, those are some unique names. Any story behind them (that you feel like sharing)?
See below.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
He's secretly Swedish.
Yeah, you might think. They are some pretty Norse-sounding names, actually. We've gotten that comment a few times already.

The short version of the story is that my wife and I have always tried to have the letters "an" figure in the names somewhere (our sons are Andrew and Evan, her name is Deanna, her mom is RuthAnn, sister is Susan). So the name "Annika" has been in our arsenal for a while now. Part of why I like the name has to do with Anneke van Giersbergen, part of it has to do with Annika Sörenstam (even though I neither play nor even follow golf), and part of it is just because we like how it sounds.

Then, there's the part about how, all during the pregnancy, the docs were referring to the babies as "Baby A" and "Baby B", which is what they always do in the case of twins. We thought it would be cool to go with "A" and "B" names because of that. Then one day we were discussing names, and I was trying to think of a name that started with "B" that I liked (and "Brianna" was out because some friends of ours just had a daughter that they named that), and I remembered my old Star Trek fanboy days and said, "I know - we'll call them Annika and B'Elanna (little did she know I was taking the name from the half-human, half-Klingon character B'Elanna Torres from Star Trek Voyager ). To my surprise, she liked it. A lot. Even after I told her where I got the idea, and that I was half-kidding, she still liked it.

Then I realized that the name "Annika" also had a connection with that show, because the character Seven of Nine (the human female who had been abducted by the Borg), was named Annika Hansen. Two strong female characters, both beautiful, both of whose names we liked - it just seemed like a sign.

Plus, I've always liked the name "Annabel", but my wife didn't. However, Belanna is almost like a variation of that name (switching the first and second syllables), so there's that as well. It's almost like we took the name I liked and switched it around so it would fit our A/B theme.

The middle names are much more straightforward. "Marie" is my wife's middle name, as well as my mom's. "Susan" is my sister-in-law's name, and we've always liked it.
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