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What an amazing first show with the new mind blowing stage. During Puppetz, lighted crosses came up from the stage, Battery saw pyro and coffins, then we had Nothing. Enter Sandman was up next, and that's when shit really hit the fan! Loud bangs, random fireworks, falling towers, falling spot light guy, falling scaffolding, guy was caught on fire.... then a complete black out. After a few mins, some things were still working, so the crew brought up some work lights, amps and speakers, and the band played on with Die, Die My Darling. Seek was the final song of the night, with beach balls falling from the ceiling, and the infamous Metal Up You Ass toilet came down at the end os the show. Full setlist is up, pics to com
so, Cunning Stunts Pt 2?

And yes I know the format is not right with "MX" I have been working on my live music collection and the format got stuck in my head
07/19-Rob Zombie/Korn
08/06-Weird Al
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