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Metallica -- Mexico City, Mexico -- July 28th, 2012

1. Creeping Death
2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
3. Fuel
4. Ride the Lightning
5. One
6. Cyanide
7. The Memory Remains
8. Wherever I May Roam
9. Sad But True
10. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
11. ...And Justice for All
12. Fade to Black
13. Master of Puppets
14. Battery
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. Enter Sandman
17. Die, Die My Darling
18. Seek & Destroy

While the setlist itself isn't much to write home about, the stage setup was:

Words can not describe the huge roar heard inside the Palacio de los Deportes when Metallica took the stage for the first time in front of this sold out crowd. And the die chant for the first song of Creep was deafening! Then it was onto Bellz, and Fuel. Old school was next with a little Ride The Lightning with an electric chair that came down from the rafters, along with some tesla coils that shot electricity to the chair!!! One is on right now, (with and all new "war" intro) and cyanide is up next!
Sanitarium just started here in Mexico City. But it's weird, there's guys in blue jump suits on stage.... looks like they are building something.... hmmmmmm Before Sani, we had Cyanide (with some people trapped in the coffins!) Memory, Roam, and Sad..... can you guess what's next?
During Sanitarium, the men in blue jumpsuits started to build Doris. Half way thru the next song, ...and Justice For All, she was complete. She stood tall and mighty, until the end of the song, where she came crashing down..... Fade is on now, with Puppetz on deck!
Sounds awesome and all but I hope all this stage stuff doesn't distract from the music

7 more nights to go; I smell Frayed finally coming out....
10/29-King Diamond/Exodus
11/7-Machine Head
11/11-Blind Guardian
11/21-Trans-Siberian Orchestra
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