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A benefit show for two of the Bay Area's dear members of the metal community, Jef and Nikki Davis, who got into an automobile accident last month (only the latter survived), this show featured four great Bay Area bands who had worked with Jef in the past. All of the money raised at the event from raffle ticket and general ticket sales went to Nikki's treatment. I myself bought a shitton of raffle tickets, winning a guitar in the process. I would've preferred Death Angel, Overkill, Voivod, Toxic Holocaust, or Mercyful Fate vinyls, but hey, I've never had much luck with these kinds of things. Also up for grabs were two passes to any US Brutal Truth show in the future, which sounded sick as fuck.

Acephalix were the first band of the evening, and the only one with whom I was not familiar. They sounded a lot like a more death metal-oriented Black Breath, and were pretty good. Their singer was all over the place, always trying to get people up front to headbang, even jumping into the crowd trying to open a pit up. However, it seemed to be a bit too early for most of the audience to start going apeshit, so only about three or four guys moshed in the wide open space in the middle of the room. After their set, I chatted with their bassist Luca a bit, and got a setlist (written on a piece of cardboard) from him, which would later get drenched in fake blood during Ghoul's set.

Next were Noothgrush, a sludge band from Oakland. Noothgrush were heavy as fuck, and kicked all sorts of ass. The room was filled with smoke during their set, and mostly everyone around me was headbanging, but unfortunately vocalist Dino's mic would cut out often, making him pretty pissed off at the sound guy. Nevertheless, they were really heavy, and better than Eyehategod, another sludge band I've seen at the Metro Operahouse. After their set, I gabbed a setlist off the stage.

Next up were Ghoul. Before their set, Sean wished me happy birthday, which was awesome. My second time seeing them overall as well as this month, I'll say that it wasn't the same the second time around. Granted, they were tight as hell (can't go wrong when you've got Sean and Ross in your band!) and I had fun, but I didn't feel as much willingness to die for Ghoul this time. I didn't get a setlist from them, so what's in the original post is from memory.

Last but sure as fuck not least were Autopsy. Motherfucking incredible.

Thanks for reading
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