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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Yes on the way soon! However, shortly after I posted the message, we found out that one had stopped growing... At any rate my wife currently has one healthy little boy growing in her belly. We were pretty torn up at first, but we're real excited for October, which is when our little metalhead is due. And mama's doin' great. Her ankles are swollen every day and she gets jealous of me drinking a beer, but she looks and feels great!
Sorry to hear that. The same thing appened to my aunt when I was a kid, but the bright side of the story is that the twin who survived was born healthy and happy and is now a beautiful, successful young woman who just got married a few months ago. Also, I can feel for your wife. Mine had a lot of the same issues, but if I were to ask her now, I'm sure she would say it was all worth it.

Originally Posted by es156 View Post
Congratulations Mr. Hi. When is the next U2 concert?
Not sure, but the Bono Effect would literally have to capable of working miracles in order to have the same results as it did with our two boys. We are d-u-n done, man. Dassit. Finis.
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