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I really want to be helpful and upload this stuff to YouTube, but YouTube is being a royal pain in the ass.

First off, when I signed up for YouTube since they are now part of the Google Empire I was forced into creating a Gmail account as well as a Google+ account in addition to the YouTube account. A little aggravating, but not too serious. It’s just I have a pet peeve about being forced into signing up for services I don’t want or need. All I wanted was a YouTube account; I already have a few separate email accounts for various needs: one for friends & family, one for job hunting and one for spam & porn - I don’t need anymore! As for social networking I am totally happy with Facebook. I do have a few friends using Google+, but they keyword there is “few” and those few still use Facebook anyway, I don’t need or want Google+!

Once I was done with creating my Google Empire account I ran into more problems: YouTube wouldn’t accept the files since I used FLAC, so now I need to re-encode the files as MP3. I realize these are bootlegs and are “inferior” quality to begin with and using a lossless codec may seem a bit redundant, but the reason I choose FLAC is that if you decide to burn the show to an old school CD there won't be any gaps between the songs so if you listen to the CD on a real stereo and not the PC the songs will segue and blend in like one giant song like a professional live CD … well, as professional as an audience bootleg can be.

I already went through the trouble of creating the YouTube account, so I will upload it eventually, but please give me another few days since I need to re-encode the files.

In the meantime, while I understand your trepidation on downloading from the links I already provided, I can assure you they are virus free. They were clean on my end, so as long as Deposit Files and File Factory aren’t tacking anything on you should be fine. But the keyword there is “should” - I’m not taking any responsibility if you get whacked again.
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