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Originally Posted by JRA View Post

3. Candlemass
My issue with this one is a bit more abstract. See Candlemass is all about weight, heaviness, power. Well, exactly how heavy is a candle itself. The answer, not fucking very. Hell, if I were to whack a guy over the head with a candle, he would even feel a twinge of pain, he'd be minority inconvenienced. I'd do more damage if I hit him with a rolled up copy of the New York Times. If these guys wanted to use mass to describe their power, they probably should have picked something with more density than something made with wax.
I think you're thinking of the wrong 'mass' here. I think that when you're thinking Candlemass, you're supposed to think of 'mass' in the religious sense, or at least in the sense of it being a lot something. Either one works really, they both convey the sense of a dark room full of lit candles, and to me, that's exactly what doom music is supposed to sound like.
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