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Originally Posted by Dogman View Post
You could explain what is considered metal. That would be a help.
Look at the home page.. top 100 tags... plenty of examples, esp the more popular / bigger tags. Yes, there are names in there that are less metal than others. There a couple names there that aren't listed as metal in my iTunes but I can stretch an argument to why they might included here. The list isn't perfect.

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Primus isn't Metal? Since when?
When was it ever? One could describe Primus a lot of ways but I'm not sure metal would really be one of them. As a bassist myself, I'm a huge Les Claypool fan.

Bottom-line: This isn't about defining a metal orthodoxy. It's our editorial discretion as to what thread goes where. We've allowed non-metal in the discussion in the past, and will continue to do so at our discretion. There are times when such threads may get moved. Some got moved today.

If someone is truly upset about a move, make a constructive post or pm me.
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