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Originally Posted by Beaner666 View Post
I can’t believe the Austin show was so empty. Was it 21 & over? The Chicago show was all ages and 90% of the crowd was definitely under 21 so if the Austin show was age restricted I can see that making a big impact on the size of the crowd. I understand Austin is smaller than Chicago, but I was under the impression that Austin is still pretty big. From what I have heard over the years I was under the impression the “SOS Tour” did pretty well in other cities other than Chicago. I know they played Milwaukee the night before Chicago and I heard that show was at the much larger Eagles Ballroom. From what I heard it wasn’t sold out or anything, but the Eagles Ballroom is huge and is part of a multi-venue complex and is the largest room in the venue and I can only assume if the show drew poorly it would have been in one of the smaller halls.

PS: at the Chicago show, during Obituary everyone was chanting for “Body Bag” too!
There are a couple of reasons I can think of for the sparse attendance:
1) They might have played San Antonio as well (75 miles away and a much bigger, better metal scene, with dudes from Mexico more likely to show up);
2) Austin just sucked for metal shows back then (and might still now - I don't know). The only packed club show I can remember was Kreator/Blitzspeer/Morgoth in the spring of 1991 on the Coma of Souls tour. I saw Candlemass with about 25 other people, Annihilator with about 40, etc., at the same venue. The poplulation of the city was much smaller then - about 500k, compared to about 1.2 million now.
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