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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
I figure they bought another week of my time. Don't like a 3 hr Raw. Did they learn zero from watching those bloated 3 hour Nitros years ago? Even during attitude era, a 3 hr Raw would be too much.
I don't undertand this complaint i've seen pop up in recent years about the 3 hour Nitro's being a bad decsion because it wasn't. WCW was as hot as any wrestling company had ever been at that time and they had a huge roster to showcase. Going the three hours was a great idea since it allowed them to showcase more of their talent which believe it or not, WCW excelled at during the monday night wars.

The three hour nitro's didn't hurt WCW at all. It was adding another two hour show on thursday and their inability to elevate newer/younger talent that killed off the company. There were too many hours of wrestling per week to fill after they added WCW Thunder on thursdays and it caused an oversaturation of the product. One three hour nitro every wasn't bad at all but adding in more programming was the wrong choice. Vince Russo coming in and fucking up everything was the nail in the coffin.

As for RAW going to 3 hours, i've heard USA has wanted them to do that for a number of years now but Vince always turned the idea down. They probably just offered him more money then he could refuse and that's why he changed his mind on it. Unless the WWE starts using their roster better the 3 hour Raw's will not be successful because they just don't have the talent depth right now to make both a 3 hour Raw and a two hour Smackdown entertaining on a weekly basis.
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