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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
That's the cable I meant, I was hoping you already had one. I would recommend Goldwave (shareware), it will let you record the whole tape as one big file and then you can copy selected portions of the big file into their own separate files. It's very quick and easy and how I converted a few files in the past.
I finally figured out how to split the tracks using the program I already have (Audiograbber). I just had to do a few extra steps and jump through a few extra hoops, but finally I managed it. This is my first time taking an old cassette tape and converting it to digital media so it's a bit of a learning process for me (trial and error). I'll look into Goldwave for the future, but I'm already about halfway through with this project so I'll just tough it out with what I have.

Being broke sucks, if I could afford to mail bobbie solo a copy and let him deal with converting it I would, this is already giving me a headache, but I'm learning how to do something new and when I'm done I can share the show so its worth it!
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